When I look at you


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my favorite tumblr users are the 14 year old white boys that believe they’re so wise in the ways of the world that they will rush out to fight everyone they can on here


it’s like chill out bro eat some gushers have some lunchables there is plenty of time to find out you’re wrong about pretty much everything


Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.


y’all try to find the tiniest reason to not support sj/feminism like “oh wow a troll blog once said eating chinese food is cultural appropriation haha sorry i guess i don’t support trans rights at all anymore”

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george oscar bluth? i don't think there is a character named that in the show. maybe you mean george michael? i know a lot about arrested development so it's ok if you don't know.


Well, this is awkward…




How people should react seeing police brutality

The fear they must of had when seeing half the stadium defend one man.


Packing a Musket


"When you work from your home and johns call on the phone, you’re a call girl. When you walk ‘til you limp and give a cut to a pimp, you’re a street whore. When they’re beggin’ you please to get down on your knees near their groinage, excusa me, but you see, don’t you touch where they pee without…



i am literally shrieking with laughter over this

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ETA: This is a scene from The House I Live In, a film on the American drug war and its effects on communities of color, education, the class disparity and the prison industrial complex.  I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

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And when you come back we’ll have to make new love

these are all my favorite things all together